Loba High Pressure Fuel Pump 4.0 Tfsi HP40 Rs6 Rs7 S6 S7 S8


When your standard High Pressure Fuel Pump no longer performs to a sufficient level,
it‘s time for an upgrade. Time for LOBA Motorsport Upgrade High Pressure Fuel Pump.
Thanks to the best components, a sophisticated, multi-stage production process,
highest quality and its excellent price-performance ratio, LOBA Motorsport is the
Upgrade High Pressure Fuel Pump of choice for professionals in the tuning scene.

-much higher and constant pressures
-much better fuel supply
-in-house pistons and cylinders
-custom latest generation alloys
-special hardening process
-micron grinding process
- diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating

A brand-new standard High Pressure Fuel Pump by Hitachi forms the basis of
this pump. To increase performance and efficiency, LOBA Motorsport replaces
the performance-critical components in the interior of the pump body using
in-house pistons and cylinders.
These are processed in multi-stage production processes adhering to very tight tolerances
using custom alloys, and are put through a special hardening process. LOBA
Motorsports runs a sophisticated micron grinding process with a precision of up to
0.0002“. The pistons are given a special coating known as diamond-like carbon (DLC).
Because of its special construction technique, surface quality and their unique
contours the LOBA Motorsport components allow for much higher pressures
and better fuel supply.
The assembly of this High Pressure Fuel Pump does not differ from that of a conventional
standard pump. The differences lie in the performance and the driving pleasure.
Order now and be convinced.

Product name.....................................LOBA HP40
Product number.............................. 2012140
Compatible engines...................... Audi 4.0 TFSI V8

Modifications and upgrades
• LOBA Cylinder
• LOBA Piston (Diamond-Like carbon (DLC) coated)


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